I am only going to write notes on shells I use regularly.


There are a few shells for Windows and Linux (and Mac). On Windows you have CmdExe, PowerShell and, if you install e.g. Cygwin, you also get BashSh and possibly ZshSh. On LinuxOs you have a number of choices. Historically there are shells such as CshSh and later TcshSh, and also KshSh. On modern LinuxOs, the default shell is BashSh, and there is also DashSh (which is a small and fast shell that does a subset of what BashSh does). Mostly I use BashSh for day-to-day stuff, though am learning ZshSh now that it is the default on MacOs.


Terminal Multiplexers

Command Line Tools

Environment Variables

Pipes Redirects and Substitution

Shell Options